Tuesday, 28 March 2017

As they say in all the YouTube videos.'I've been down the shop'
Yep, been clamping more  bits of stainless hex in the Myford and making even more fasteners for the Belgium Honda. If the bike explodes on its maiden voyage then its a pretty good guess it will be down to one or other of these homemade things...
So, now I have mastered the dome nut thought I'd tty a couple of castles.
17mm hex clamped in the 4 jaw, drilled the hole as a guide to the depth of the slot, turned and drilled, then turned and drilled again.
Thread the correct pitch and then hacksawed down to the guidehole and finally filed by hand to resemble something like.....
Oh and finish with a polish of course.

These are for the rear brake anchor....non critical parts...Just lacking at this point in time the hole for the split pin.