Friday, 4 November 2011

Still struggling

As my lathe is a rather small one I have to bring the front wheel to a guy with a big toy.

So while waiting I started the rear section.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Virago : the front

I've squeezed in the front wheel but I'm not out of the woods yet .
It appears that the wheel is too wide so I will have to cut off a bit and re-locate one of its
bearings...When the wheel is nicely in place I will start positioning the disk and speedo.

Oh almost forgot ....I did lower the forks a stunning 10 cm !! ......wonder what that will do to handling and steering behavior hahhaha

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Remember the Virago plan?

I know it was ages ago since I've told you my dangerous plans for a Yamaha 1982 VX 750 aka "the Virago". You all thought it was probably counteracted by Japanese Kempeitai ...but nothing is true the less. I've started working on the old geezer .
The plan is to drop the forks, raise the petrol tank, replace the front wheel by another rear wheel, play with the rear section, replace that strange carburettor idea and get a new exhaust system on it.
Will that be all? ...don't know actually... I'll probably have to do some more stuff on the way ......
The pics (should) show it all.
To replace the front wheel by a rear one I had to make an adapter to mount a front brake disk on it to get the beast stopped...which is a minor but not to forget detail.
Will it ever work?....don't know ....we'll find out during the first emergency stop.