Thursday, 25 September 2008

A successful rummage and secret fan

Crackleport here..Reporting from Blighty.

I have more news on our continual rummaging in amongst the 'Lost Treasures of Crackleport'. I came across the front end of one of my old racing machines. It used to be part of a YDS7 250cc Yamaha that I won many motorcycle sprints on. In fact 1 year I won the National Sprint Association 250cc Production class on the bike. Notice the period fitment of an extremely valuable pair of 'Bacon Slicers' ! (must post a picture of the Yam in action)

Close inspection shows that the stem will need modification to fit the chosen steering head. I'll keep you posted on how this works in practice after I check on bearing availability.
Also this week we have news of possible sponsorship from an 'Oilyracer blog Fan' At this point first contact has been made and an invite into the inner sanctum of Picklington Motorsickle Co H.Q. will follow. All I can say at this point is the offer to make/provide a part so pivitol to our success is very exciting news and must be treat with secrecy until finalised.
This coming weekend Albert is away racing so no further progress expected for a few days.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Belgium is starting to sweat!

We just found out team Blighty has a well hidden secret!
We heart about the STIGG in the top gear BBC team but didn't realize there is a second one for bikes hiding somewhere in the woods nearby Leeds.
Not really a problem unless ..... he's the C.E.O. of the Picklington Motorcycle Co !

Waitig in fear for more revealing stories about the other team member Splutterpipe!

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Picklington Motorsickle Co Introduction 2

Introducing Basil K. Splutterpipe.

Yes, well know for his skills at 'sniffing out' old engines Basil.K. is a valuable asset to Team P.M.C. Also well know for his engine tuning skills and pioneering spirit the only thing lacking at the moment is Basil K. does not know how to ride a motorcycle, although he is extensively trained in the art of 'Lambretta-ing'. A few trips down the local quarry on Crackleports J.A.P. will be in order before the build off.

An extra skill that may come in useful during the evening rest period is Basils skill at cooking the perfect sausage on a bar-b-que..


Albert Crackleport here...reporting on progress in Blighty. What a week ! Wednesday night theres a knock on the door and a neighbour offers an old wheel....FOR FREE ! Never one to turn an offer down old Albert says Yeh I'll have it !. Turns out its an old DT1 Yamaha rear, 18" too, unfortunately minus brake plate, sprocket and bearings but hey...'free'.

So total spend to date at camp 'Picklington Motorsickle Co' £0 (nil pounds)

Friday, 19 September 2008


We have had a lot of questions lately about which bike we're planning to build. Of course it's way to early to answer that but here are some pictures which may or may not reveal some ideas.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Belgium calling !

It seems both sites of the Channel have had a productive day.
I've been cleaning out a shed to provide our English guests a proper sleeping accommodation :-)
At it's wall structure one could notice this shed has been around a few times.
All necessary gadgets are provides as there are : one fox to hunt during breaks, some life jackets and some retro car tires to sniff in times of despair.
It will be a warm welcome ...hopefully we won't have to wait to long for their arrival.

No cider here i'm afraid just a good old Belgian beer ...cheers!

Frame found in Blighty

Albert here, reporting progress from Blighty. I can conform that we now have the makings of a frame. A little trimming with the grinder and now fit for the competition build off. It has I.D. plate still attached and this confirms its origins. It 'was' a 1980 S.W.M. trials frame. It is now going to form the basis of our 'Picklington Precision'

A good days work I'd say......It's time for a cider !

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Picklington Motorsickle Co Introduction

Albert here - thought I'd introduce myself right proper. So heres an old picture of myself. 19 years old I was (so only a couple of years ago) Looking really cool whilst on holiday having ridden 400 miles to Cornwall with my mates......ok it was more than a couple of years ....maybe more like 32 years ago...but who's counting. Still got the bike but the jackets a bit tight now....

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

No worries Blighty

Belgium calling.......a reasuring message that the good old Linkysoup-boys won't use this newly bought frame......... as it is.......of course we have a cunning plan with it ........ we're Belgian.
Albert here, with an update on pre-match activity in Blighty. Popped over to 'Mums' house. Good old mum, still keeps some of my treasures in her cellar....anyway crawled through the dust and cobwebs to check out an old motor...could be just the thing. All I can say at this stage is its big, sidevalve and made in America. Has previous race history but was taken out of a race machine by previous owner when it destroyed a gearbox. Couldn't get any pics of this beaut as my camera batteries were flat, besides don't want to give any more detail at this stage.

I'm puzzled the Balen Boys have purchased a frame.....The Picklington Motosickle Co intend to make one during the competition. Maybe they have a cunning plan.....

Introducing Master Marc

So who's Master Marc?
Let us just define him with a couple of pictures from the past.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Demolition man

After he got the news, Master Marc couldn't be stopped.

5 seconds after unloading the frame he arrived at the site ...starting demolishing...

Both pictures were taken during a time period of 5 minutes.

Don't give this guy to much sugar would be damaging for the rest of us

The buy

Today we did our most important buy of the century!
An old Kawa frame ...... which will be transformed to a man eating mechanical masterpiece!
We'd like to thank Mathieu, a colleague dreamer and master creator, for his warm welcoming words and wish him all the best with all (254) of his projects and especially with this beauty of a bus (which he didn't want to sell unfortunately ).

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Blighty Boys accept challenge

Albert Crackleport here.......all the way from good old Blighty Updating blog readers as to progress at our team H.Q.. The first meeting of the build team took place yesterday and this formalised our name and mission. From now on we will be known as 'The Picklington Motosikle Co' and our mission will be to build the first (of what could be many) Picklington Precision. Further more it is our intention to use as many components as possible from my shed. We expect Team Linky Soup to source their components locally too. The meeting closed as tradition with a swift flagon of homebrew cider and a recital in 'F major' on comb and paper of 'Land of Hope and Glory' ..

Belgian test track

We have found in Balen’s old town hall archives documents revealing the great history of Balen’s boardtrack circuit.
After hunting down some survivors and pursuing an 91 year old ex-dare devil to show us its secret location ……we’ve stumbled on the sacred grounds.
A place of victory and tragedy laying silent enjoying its glorious past.
It has become a horse track but we are committed to rebuild the grounds as they were.
Knowing this project will take several years to finish we’ve decided to use the track as a test track for our bike build off.
We hope our English competitors dare to take this ride.

One clo we can give them : install road tires for the bike’s stability, we will spray the track with water before each test session ; don’t choose for off road tires …it would be too dangerous !!!

Balen track 02

Balen track 03

end of staight

Keep it low in here

work your way out of here

Belgium is overloading brains

Belgium has started making plans, evaluating thoughts, planning tactic war fare and creating dreams....inspired on all those who walked the same path of dare before us ....and a couple more.....
We've got 500 cc and that's all there is ... but we'll make them work !
As official members of the Linkysoup racing group and due to Crackleports' mastermind pickles we're full of bravory and driving with the wind in our back.
We also found a perfect test track nearby coming soon.
We're in for it !!!
Koen & Marc

Entry for 04 September 2008

Albert Crackleport signing on.
Official oilyracer, vintafaker, master pickler, ex pembletoneer and homebrew expert (hic)
Count me in on the next build off challenge....