Saturday, 19 November 2016

Today in the Oilyracer arcade I've been mostly building engines.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Did I tell you how much I love maroon?     Lick me all over my lovely colour!!!

Posh...fill my flagon with something refreshing and made of barley cos wanna.spend tonight in belgium honda heaven..

Monday, 17 October 2016

Rear shockers of The Belgium Honda now ready for the next 50 years.... The rusty shrouds were beyond hope so they are now in the 'not likely to ever need but keep anyway' parts bin. Drilled and tapped a hole for refilling with oil. Liked the rust damage to the chrome that now shows the raw metal and the copper plating first layer so clear lacquered to slow down any more deteriation. (Dont want to remove all the bikes scars.) Derusted and painted the springs.

Thursday, 29 September 2016


Got me a big tin of Maroon....oh yes, special mix from the local paint manufacturer. Not really a down side but.....had to purchase 5 litres minimum order....Anyone want a maroon machine? No worries it will see me out! But I have spare!
So, making the most of what may be the last good weather of the year I filled my vintage spray gun and wafted a bit of 1 pack polyurethane over the previously prepared Belgium Honda parts.....Health and Safety???  naaaa, not needed....area well ventilated!!!
Oh yes, Ennell Red!!!! Unique mix I got at trade price through my employ so look and weep, Unavailable to the common man!!!

Hey Posh.....Get mi flagon filled with a pint of porter mouthwash , got a coating of maroon on mi tonsils.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

So, the treasure has a bit of surface rust....?!?!?! Whatever!!!! Ive started creating the biggest bath of phosphoric acid that's known to man. Got me about 15 liters at the present time. Enough to dip the CB72 tank into and give it a damn good etching. Blimey I love this stuff....Phosphoric acid leaves a lot of white stains when splashed on unsuspecting objects but by crikey it bites deep into 'the submerged'

Looks even better with waft of primer

Hey Posh....Ya top totty...hang a couple of trotters on the fire bucket...Feeling like I could lick a couple of toes tonight!!! mmmmm juicy...