Sunday, 4 June 2017

Behold before your eyes....a very old wiring loom. Wrapped in Japan by a Honda guru about 50 years ago...or maybe even more. Its a good bet the afore mentioned loom wrapper is no longer working at the Big H factory. Possible even that the dude is wrapping heavenly looms...
Would be a shame to destroy all his work so have reworked the Belgium Honda wiring sympathetically.. Hopefully you agree. Used Ford Anglia spec grey non adhesive loom wrap and stuck the ends with old skool Self amalgamating tape.

... Bling....Bling

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

If I can turn back time…( I can with compound)

Greetings, it is I again, your old uncle.....Albert Crackleport. A favourite uncle I have no doubt. So, what's happened this week in the world of vintafaking Alb?
Hey, did anybody see the pictures of Cher strutting her stuff at some music awards or other, chest and legs all exposed...Goodness me, toss up who's gonna get my shed invite this week to sample the latest batch of homebrew.....Cher or Angelina? Just hang on you silly old fart....Cher's been totally remodelled..which of course leads me on to my remodelling project. Is remodelling bad? I'm a firm believer in it, been sticking new bits on old bits for years.
Tonight for your entertainment I'm gonna make an old light switch beautiful again.
The Belgium Hondas dip switch had suffered through the years with a big chip spoiling the looks but just like Cher a bit of filler and a coat of topping will do wonders.
For those who haven't seen my secret replicating compound before then cast your eye balls on this....Teeth moulding compound. Used by rich dentists worldwide for bridging the gaps with pearly white replicas. hey ever seen a poor dentist? No!!!!!
Mixed the compound and stuck the good half of the switch in it. Didn't take long to set.
Next mixed a small amount of jb weld with a splash of black paint and dribbled it into the mould, followed by the broken switch side
Leave overnight, oh bollocks, think the black paint effected hardening, tried again with unmolested araldite, success...hard as nails, bit of filing, a quick waft of aerosol black and its looking like this could just work
Here's the finished job..
Can't see the join ????
Now where do I sign to be the guy to remodel Cher's remaining saggy bits into shapes that only existed years hands are warmed, am awaiting the call.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Pretty in pink.

Greetings G4 free viewers....if you are one of those 'young people' who can't walk along the street without a transmitting device stuck to your ear (lug hole) then little do you know but this blog entry is beyond your knowledge. Yep, snuck in under the radar....a curve ball, .no need to unknown my jotting because you never knew....phew...bullsh*t....  Unknowing the Oilyracer? Impossible !
So, here's the knowledge for the chosen ones..
Whilst I thought I had plenty of stock to build the Belgium Honda it appears I may be missing a vital component. Damn, this missing part is now made of unobtainable...more sort after than an a night in with Angelina Jolie, indeed I'm missing a throttle tube..
What to do?   Hey, found a plastic universal thing on eBay. Guess how many UK pounds..How does £2.88 inclusive of shipping sound...Direct from central China!.
I ordered immediately.

Strange packing, PINK....Note the postmark...Belgium!

Rather twilight zone ....ordered in China shipped from Belgium, going back to its roots.

Inside the package the replica unobtainable looks like it might just do the job and allow me to ride the Flemish roads in search of dark beers and sausage.

Oh, don't forget the saying......A little pink is ok! 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

As they say in all the YouTube videos.'I've been down the shop'
Yep, been clamping more  bits of stainless hex in the Myford and making even more fasteners for the Belgium Honda. If the bike explodes on its maiden voyage then its a pretty good guess it will be down to one or other of these homemade things...
So, now I have mastered the dome nut thought I'd tty a couple of castles.
17mm hex clamped in the 4 jaw, drilled the hole as a guide to the depth of the slot, turned and drilled, then turned and drilled again.
Thread the correct pitch and then hacksawed down to the guidehole and finally filed by hand to resemble something like.....
Oh and finish with a polish of course.

These are for the rear brake anchor....non critical parts...Just lacking at this point in time the hole for the split pin.