Thursday, 29 September 2016


Got me a big tin of Maroon....oh yes, special mix from the local paint manufacturer. Not really a down side but.....had to purchase 5 litres minimum order....Anyone want a maroon machine? No worries it will see me out! But I have spare!
So, making the most of what may be the last good weather of the year I filled my vintage spray gun and wafted a bit of 1 pack polyurethane over the previously prepared Belgium Honda parts.....Health and Safety???  naaaa, not needed....area well ventilated!!!
Oh yes, Ennell Red!!!! Unique mix I got at trade price through my employ so look and weep, Unavailable to the common man!!!

Hey Posh.....Get mi flagon filled with a pint of porter mouthwash , got a coating of maroon on mi tonsils.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

So, the treasure has a bit of surface rust....?!?!?! Whatever!!!! Ive started creating the biggest bath of phosphoric acid that's known to man. Got me about 15 liters at the present time. Enough to dip the CB72 tank into and give it a damn good etching. Blimey I love this stuff....Phosphoric acid leaves a lot of white stains when splashed on unsuspecting objects but by crikey it bites deep into 'the submerged'

Looks even better with waft of primer

Hey Posh....Ya top totty...hang a couple of trotters on the fire bucket...Feeling like I could lick a couple of toes tonight!!! mmmmm juicy...

Friday, 2 September 2016

Even more wakey...wakey.....more lovely oily treasure

Greetings Oilyracerist's. It is I again, Albert, keeper of the lost treasure. Indeed as you are finding out, I've stored what once was old jumble and miraculously over the last 40 years it has morfed into delicious greasy wonderfulment.
Gonna try fix these genuine old Padgett Yamaha 'Bacon slicers' to the Belgium Honda. These once adorned a YDS7 250cc Yamaha that contested hill climbs and sprints around the UK during 1978  1979

Posh!!!!! Not only get a flagon topped up with ale in celebration but bung a few slices of dry cured on top of the fire pit....blimey...Beer and's what dreams are made of...

Thursday, 25 August 2016

More wakey...wakey.....more lovely oily treasure

Here's more pictures of the Belgium Honda as found....

Phewwwweeeee spotted a couple of brand new fork seals...what else???

And some switches sourced from the USA...

A tank..headlight shell both in 30 year old primer and a pair of rust shocks...
Delicious!!?? Which also discribes my homebrew Rhubarb Champagne so....
POSH !!!! Crack a top...and pour me a pint of that fizzy bubbly whilst I run my fingers through this sumptuous deliciousness...

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

wakey...wakey.....!!!!!! after 40 years sleeping...!!!!

Greetings, it is me....Albert Crackleport....starting on a project of national importance. Maybe slightly less on the scale of pushing the button to nuke the guy with the chubby cheeks and silly haircut  in North Korea but pretty damn important anyhow.
The news was broken on the previous post by the Belgium Connection of Oilyracer last week.
Yep, gonna build me a Honda CB72 out of parts. Indeed these parts have been stored for over 40 years.......Phuffgg, in fact don't know if they are all the same bike originally but sure as hell gonna look pretty sweet when completed ( hopefully
Why..???? This collection of treasure is going into action.....mission yet unknown....destination...????     .Belgium.....that's all I know....
(Maybe beer will be involved..???? Maybe cheese with a sprinkling of celery salt..???....who knows....???? Preparation for the inevitable will be the key, originality and the counting of rivets secondary)
Gonna start hunting the parts for this project right way......they are all about somewhere, just a case of remembering.

Box 1....Lot's of oily containers full of nuts, bolts, screws,  a 50 year old headlamp with wonderful patina'd chrome and a couple of footrest brackets...phew....TREASURE...!!!

Not sure you know Posh on this blog.....She's my obedient beer pourer...fully trained in popping the cork when the excitement reaches a suitable level....
POSH ! Pop ya cork, this box is a beaut!

Keep ya all posted...!