Monday, 26 July 2010

Blighty has heard the call !
Albert here..........Having a good nose for fine Trappist beers I shall have no touble following my nose and finding the promised selection 350 miles south east of Yorkshire. (No wonder there are a lot of monks hidden away in abbeys, beer is one way of keeping the cold from blowing up your robe...........and making a life with only 'men' as company bareable)
Anyways back to real life..........I have enlisted cattle hearders Jet2 to speed my journey. Only drawnback............I can only carry toothrush and 1 pair of clean undies, otherwise I will be over the weight allowance....hum. Can I borrow comb and socks on arrival? Oh and a flagon..(What sort of guy drinks ale from a 'glass')
I am planning on somehow sneak the lastest (interesting) edition of the 'Motorcycle SVA' over with me....Bedtime, no,
We have creative plans, and for once will try to keep within the law..........just.
If I walk with a limp through the airport it's the MSVA thats slipped down my trouser leg........

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Belgium calling out !

I've been sourcing some brilliant beers and hung up the flag of St George at our base camp in Balen DC. ....I'm pretty sure there's an English traveller crossing the Belgian border soon.
What's the plan?
We're going to have ,once again, a GREAT time !!!!!!!!!!!
All you kids are invited to join us at the arcade to make some fun and consume a variety of processed hobs.

Friday, 2 July 2010