Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Old Timers

Albert here. - Here's a couple of pictures of action on Park Rash over 80 years ago sent in by an 'Oilyracer Blog reader.........If only we'd known Bertie Jenkins had rode the hill stood on the saddle then for sure 'The Blighty Boys' would have too.

Aaahhhh well, lets give them guys credit...dripping and bread for breakfast and then a quick thrash 'oart mour' on't old sidevalve then back 'ome for a wash in front 'oft fire' in't old tin baf' before a tripe and mash dinner.

Good news though.........The Albion casing has been welded and is ready for re-fitting. The Picklington Precision is on the mend...........

Sunday, 12 July 2009

The Park Rash Attack Story. -

Greetings Oilyracer Fans - Albert here.
As promised here is the full account of our attack on Park Rash.
For those not familiar with this hill let me tell you it was once the 'Holy Grail' of many motorcycling Hill Climbers. A formidable challenge that was included in many trials and speedtests of the 1920's and 30's. Many have come to grief before us on the 1:4 gradient, could 'The Blighty Boys' reach the summit without mishap ? Read on dear reader for I tell a tale of derring-do, motoring folk-lore will be re-written and this tale of adventure will be the pinnicle of achievement for many a long year.
May the souls of Yorkshire's past Motorcycling Stalwarts ride with us as we aim for victory.

It was on the return voyage from the 'Oilyracer Build Off' that the plan was hatched. The final chapter for 'The Picklington Precision'. How could this machine be destined to spend for all eternity in the back of a damp garage.
No !.....an almost impossible test was needed......if the Picklington was destroyed in the attempt then so be it....a fitting end.
A suitable day ? as near to Mid-summers day as possible ?
Saturday 27th June....the time..7.00.a.m.

Joining 'The Blighty Boys' would be Gear Gnashin Neil (Winner of the Pembleton Challenge 2006 http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4800179989421637983&hl=en) and Lea Thermallet (creater of the Picklington fuel tank and jolly fine coissants)

The Picklington was competition pepared with a full mechanical inspection, oil top up and removal of the exhaust system (which had an annoying habit of detaching itself from the bike at speed) I...Albert Crackleport would make the first climb.....

The mist was lifting slowly from the hill as I gunned the Picklington at the incline. The open exhaust spat fire and the noise was deafening, the vibration from the over-revving Briggs and Stratton was almost unbearable.......in no time I was entering the hairpin.....throttle still wound fully open.....
Success !!!!!!! The hill was conquered......but the challenge not yet complete...
all 4 members have to make an ascent, only then will our quest be forfilled.
Next on the hill was Basil K. Splutterpipe....(well known around the local county for his ability to consume vast amounts of homebrew ale and 'growler' pork pies). Once again the hill fell victim to the Picklington.....although the engine now was showing signs of the abuse and had developed a mysterious misfire......
Step forward Gear Gnashin Neil...your turn.......twisting the throttle to full and holding a tight line through the hairpin the young fellow joined the ranks of the few that have seen the summit.
It was now down to Lea Thermallet.....on an extremely secondhand Picklington.....the machine coughed and spluttered off the line......refusing to run clean......thankfully the large flywheel helped keep a steady if somewhat slow and jerky climb and cheers rang out down the valley......

Team Blighty could now celebrate with a jolly fine cuppa tea.......it was only then as the cheers died down that the realisation of the damage that had been bistowed on 'The Picklinton' became apparent.... The irreplaceable Albion gearbox casing was smashed in two, the Amal carb had taken a battering from a wildly vibrating gearlever and the float bowl was hanging loose........

So ends the story of 'The Picklington Precision'. Battle scared.... ..but more important.... courageous !
Is it repairable...........YOU BET !
Albert Crackleport signing off......

Monday, 6 July 2009

Park Rash - Hill Climb Challenge

Albert here - Reporting in from Blighty Base camp.

It gives me great pleasure...to report that 'The Blighty Boys' have conquered the Park Rash Hill Climb on the 'Picklington Precision'.

It is my intention to write a full account of the feat and post on this blog as soon as possible. In the meantime why not watch the action on the link attached.

Team Blighty - Forever Forward....Forever upward.....