Sunday, 25 March 2012

Blighty calling....over....
Are you receiving ?...over.....
Ah, greetings Oilyracer peeps. Alberto here, with the lastest from this almost world famous of blogs most northernly outpost.
Here's what's been buzzin' today down The Old Sidevalve Bar.
After seeing the progress of the Balen Micro it was obvious that only the best and most polished would do. My heart sank, for my rear bounce retarders where not of a presentable quality.
Out with the spanners, twist, whoosh, bosh, splosh. They were off and heading into the restoration bay.
Stripped and ready for attention.

Whizz - Whizz - Whizzzzz went the wire wheel.....Oh no went yours truly....Drat and double drat.
The spring shroud was corroded to a point of no return. The wire wheel bit deep into the rust and removed more than I bargained....

I fluxed with soldering fluid , fired up 'Big Bertha' the residential blowlamp and tinned around the area where the tin worms had chomped through. Then carefully applying a goodly build of solder with my trusty red hot iron.

Filed smooth who would know?

Rubbed with emery to destroy the remains of the chrome, dipped in Phosphoric acid for a final rust busting rinse. Degreased with Ajax bathroom cleaner before plunging in the Nickel plating tank for a coat of Vintafaking.

Heres the finished job after final assembly.

Not only that - but I had time to do the other side to match....................
and......... apply some posh to 4 air filter brackets too....

Now that deserves a drinkie.....or 2

Monday, 12 March 2012

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Alberts Vintafaking Tech Tip

Greetings to all Oilyracer readers.
Today I shall pass valuable knowledge to all those who are worthy. (I guess if you have read this far you are a chosen one......and worthy of live enrichment)

Right - Here's where I am at the moment with the Presley CB72. (Now accepted worldwide as the genuine article because no-one has said otherwise.)
The ignition is entering the last moments of rebuild. The coils are painted a lovely shiney silver, the coil brackets look even more wonderful with the Nickel plating and the condensor has been stripped of the hideous blue paint and coated in clear laquer showing the effects of live approaching 50.
The points cable had been previously wrapped in red insulation tape. Underneath the tape wasn't pretty. Soldered joints yes, but not good enough old chum

No, I wanted a more vintage look and also a touch of professionalism. I hunted high and low for vintage cotton braided electrical cable to replace what had seen better days. In the quantities I wanted it was becoming a non - starter.
And then - a eureka moment...for I stumbled on what has to be one of my old time Vintafaking tech tips. All the way from Aus......Heres the knowledge - use it wisely.
Cover conventional cable with the outer sleeving of a hiking boot lace ! Unbelievable !!!!
Now the only difficulty has been, and remains so is I can't seem to get grey laces in Yorkshireshireshire. Beggars cant be choosers. I ripped the lace out of my own boots.....hopping around till I find another is a small price to pay.

Look at this beauty now....

The sun shone on my vintafaked wiring loom and all was good in the world.

I think that deserves an extra flagon of The Old Sidevalve Bars special dark extra strong brew.
Oh yes.....I'm going in.............I may be some time.............

Monday, 5 March 2012

'Not The Greatest Story Ever told but 'The Truest Story Ever Told'.

Albert here (again)

The Presley CB72 has secrets. It is now the time for exposure. No longer can the truth be hidden.
'I' Alberticus Chipbutticus am about to tell the world about a rather unfortunate incident that will shock all of Graceland and beyond. Let the Rockabilly jukeboxes remain silent whilst I recall this shocking incident.
The damage on my poor innocent CB72 was caused by 'The King' getting his guitar tangled in the spokes !
Yes, Elvis the Pelvis came to grieve and bit the dust big time.
Hu, Hu he was all shook up...Hu Hu

His pillion passenger known as 'Sexy Babs' (Stanwyck) was luck to be alive and wasn't best pleased telling him to stick the rock 'n' roll lifestyle.....she'd had enough of travelling with the 'Wall of Death' rodeo and was returning to 'The Big Valley' where cowboys where cowboys....

Sadly in one huge skid, it was all over for 'The King' ----his motorsickle was busted, his chick had ditched him and his gyrating pelvis was badly bruised......(At least his mobile phone was still working....)

"It's me.... Elvis......send the tow truck will ya.....mi wheels

So, that's why the footrests are bent ! Why the back brake cable is guitar shaped......and why without a shadow of a doubt I have in my garage the very CB72 that once spat Elvis up the highway....

THE TRUEST STORY I'VE EVER TOLD ! - Albert over and out.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

It's me...Albert.
Pull a seat up Oilyracer fans 'cos I've been down The Old Sidevalve Bar and I have news..

In fact I've a couple of balls in the air ! Yes, it's not something that can be done for a long length of time but as the sun was shining I thought 'why not'. Let's get a bit of movement going.....

So. ignition going through resto' on one bench and on the other rear brake. (Multi tasking - a skill only us men folk can do)
Now, there's such things as neglected and some things that's are pretty damn dangerous....
Fitting into the second catagory is the Presley rear stopper.......Held together with insulation tape. It's an accident waiting to happen.

Not only is the cable suspect but the foot rests are all bent too.
Oh what joy.....another opportunity to fire up Big Bertha. Flame on.....I'm going in....

Apply heat - lever with big pipe.....precision stuff. Passenger foot rest now straight and as good as new.

But what have we here ? This front foot rest has had a repair ! Crash damage ?
Neatly welded.....yes....

But certainly not as it left Japan. What's going on ?

Well, I'm gonna tell you, but not tonight cos it's getting near flagon time....I've a thirst on.
Stay tuned though because the second part of this story is the most important true story ever told....
Night night - Albert

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Under the jacket

Right....where was I ?........
Oh, yes. I was lifting the very Barbour jacket that Steve McQueen wore many years ago...and don't let anyone say " it 'aint ! cos it is" !
Gather round....for this is a feast for thee eyeballs.
Underneath this waxed weatherproof cover lay many CB72 parts that haven't seen the light of day for 25 years. Precious they are ! Valuable and me ! Protected from the condensation that continually drips from the roof and huge spiders that weave webs the size of dinner plates is a stash of ancient Honda gold...........

Surely there is a coil here somewhere...........
aaahh yes, knew I had one...........

Let me get these fettled...they 'ain't gonna be fit to the Rock 'n' Roller' mobile as they are
No Sir ! Hu Huuu !

Last but not least - I just had to add this link.
It's a short vid of my chum Bumbly1 in his Snotamag
A true Pembletoneer ! and silly old bugger !

Albert over and out..........for now.