Friday, 28 May 2010

Saved from scrap.

Blighty calling in on status.....Albert typing........

Now all you Oilyracer fans know our next task thanks to the indepth description in Koens previous blog I will unveil our machine.
A Virago vx535. I can hardly call it stunning but there is potential.....maybe.
Bought on the dreaded ebay for a couple of hundred english smackers and collected under the cover of darkness from a coal shed in Oldham (nr the great metropolis of Manchester) our virago is lucky to be alive. (or it will be after intensive surgery)
As yet Team Blighty haven't checked what we have got for our hard earned cash, so within the next couple of days we will have a rummage and report our findings.

The task ? - to correct the faults built into the Virago by the Japs at Yamaha H.Q. and make it socially acceptable to all Eurolanders. In fact we are extending our knowledge and skills worldwide for all to take advantage of, and best of all it's free advice so get a Virago and join in. For over 20 years Virago owners have tried in vain to civilianise this unique machine......This will be the definitive guide.

(Uncle Alberts Lesson No1 - Stop sticking bits of 'Ride like the wind' bling crap all over it's lovely curvacious body, a Virago doesn't deserve to be humiliated that much !)

As always with any Oilyracer project this has to be completed at minimum cost, work done in-house if possible and lastly it's gotta run !
So hold on to ya crash helmet this could be a rough ride.....

Friday, 21 May 2010

A new era

Belgium Calling in on status!
It has been almost one year now since the last gathering of the Oilyracer cooperation in Balen.
We thought it was time to get ourselves in a meeting to plan something which was a proper plan.....just trying to be of some valued assistance to somebody.
But who would it be?
Where better to have a nice chat and a good meal than the Tan Hill Inn somewhere in the Dales (U.K.); just the right altitude so no one could hear in..
Unfortunately that day the menu and their manners were showing, they had been expecting us....we had to get out ....and not in a slow pace !

We hid in a small town called Haworth somewhere on Belle Isle thinking "so that didn't go as planned".
But still we had to get ourselves a proper task for the future.
Suddenly all sort of shady figures came on play ...we saw Russians patrolling, GI's hiding stuff, even some of the most feared came to play.
It freaked us out ....what was happening.....and most important of all to whom was all this happening?
We couldn't figure it out....until we saw who was missing..........the Japanese !!!
Why weren't they represented? What horrible thing had they done not being allowed to be on play?

We had to think about it extremely hard until Crackleport saw the whole picture...."it must have been the Virago"
The Virago was Yamaha's first attempt to help Western civilization, it's massive twin would help poor families all over the globe giving them enjoyment and so much
more for the rest of their lives.
....Petty it turned out different .....why? Actually we don't know....but we saw our plan appearing ....
The Oilyracer cooperation will attempt to make the Japanese Virago a pillar of Western society...a thing 'not to be missed'
To have a better chance of succeeding UK and Belgian site will attempt simultaneously....buying each there own VX and giving it their best.
Why...because it's cheap and loads of fun? No!
We're just trying to get a Nobel Price for it ..