Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Another "today"

Don't know if any one of you guys ever noticed how bad my small lathe was.

I've bought her a couple of years ago from a German on horrorBay
- you should have seen the delivery guy bent his back trying to reach for the doorbell hahahaha-

Germany - land of "precision techniques by doing all mechanical stuff super super tight - you know what I mean ....
My little lathe was a big pile of rubbish !!!!
They must have know because they called here Einhell MBK 3000.....EIN-HELL !!!

Today was a good day, I bought myself an old super tight girl....nicely build with beautiful curves... still a bit rusty (she was cheap woooohooooo) but a bit of WD40 will do miracles... maybe I'll even use olive oil ....don't want to upset he you know.....extra virgin....could be fun

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Today: the tubebender

I'm trying to make me a low cost tube bender.
Not sure it will work but I'm happy the snow is all gone.