Sunday, 29 April 2012

A connection with the past No2

24/7 fettling ! Well it feels like it ! It's me again - Albert.
I've been busy...and connecting with 1978 again...
I'd previously had the ex Presley sickle running but only on floatbowls full of fuel. Now it was time to flush/clean the full fuel system......The tap was certainly in need of attention. Stripped off the tank it was evident the years of  storage had taken its toll on the little fellow.

Also evident was the home engineered modification to get round either a missing or stripped sediment bowl..
Skids being here again ! Neat job !

Half an hour with various solvents and wire brush and the tap was looking like it was ready for the next 40 years...
The tar like substance ousing out of the tank was in fact due to me..........years ago I dumped a load of old sump oil in the tank to stop it rusting......

Feast your eyes down the fuel 'ole..     Seems to have worked......It's black...but like new...
Just going to take some swilling out.....

So, here's the old, the modified and the restored all together again.....
Another neat job me thinks..
Time for my nightly flagon.......ta ta for now.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

A connection with the past No1

Greetings all you 'Oilyracers'. Albert here.

Today I'm going to share with you a little piece of history. Although 'The King' had left his mark on this 'CB' there was another character who left a few marks too. Affectionately known to his chums as 'Skid' (dubiously claiming he has travelled more miles sideways that I had forward) I knew him as Dad.
 This was his motorsickle in the mid to late 70's. and during the rebuild I've tried to preserve most of his restoration work from almost 40years ago..
 So, here's the first connection back to those years long ago.
 When I started stripping the bike to make once again roadworthy, it was obvious the air filters had seen better days. Rather than buy new I thought it may be a nice touch to support a V.J.M.C.C guy and have them rebuilt.
 It was a suprise indeed to discover the original price tag on the back. Bought from Geoff Westerby Motorcycles (Bradford) for £0.50p each. (Hell, they are £40 a piece now !!!!!)
You see, at the time nobody wanted old CB72 parts and when Geoff found such things in this stores he threw them in a 'Bargain Basket' in his shop. Both Dad and myself would rummage this basket for parts on a regular basis.
 So, this historic link had to be preserved for sure. The filter rebuild guy was given clear instructions.
"New filter papers but no restoration on the metal frames".....

After restoration - Delightful !

Geoff Westerby price tag still intact - Double delightful ! Money can't buy this !!!!!!!

  2 x original filter tubes with spring clips - purchased on ebay will complete the job.

 Stay tuned for more connections with the past. - Albert

Monday, 23 April 2012

Archie called

Albert reporting - So, there I was, whistling a merry tune as I bolted posh bits of 'Genuine Honda Old Stock' onto the very genuine ex Presley 'sickle' when all of a sudden, in the distance I could hear what sounded like thunder.
Louder and louder.....nearer and nearer......then the ground started shakin' ,
then louder-nearer-shakin more some......................then silence
Only a smokey cloud of burning Castrol R remained from wher'st the thunderous noise had been moments before........
Eeeeh up ! Wossupwi thee ?
Well, well, if  mi old skool mate Archiebold Higginbottom didn't come walking out of the smoke.
Eeeeh up Archie ! Still livin' owr Wigan way ?
Thought 'ad call by on mi way to get some Yorkshire Cockles from Filey Brigg.....
Well, I'd better put kettle on then.

That's the way it is at 'The Old Sidevalve Bar'
Open all hours for tea or beer.....
Call in if ya passing...........

So, had a quick cuppa with Archie, and then wished him well on his mission

Ride safe Archie............not too fast............!
There's enough cockles for everyone.......

Then it was back to it............still lots to do and time is running out.....
Albert over and out.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hello all you Oilyracer Blog readers. A word of warning -
Blighty is moving into second gear......Oh yes....
If the Elvis machine is gonna hit the highway before the Micro-Bobber arrives at 'The Old Sidevalve Bar' then your Uncle Alb is going to have to forsake a flagon or two and concentrate on spannering....Which may not come easy....
Over the last few weeks I haven't been idle though......I raided the family piggy bank and invested in a few genuine CB fancy bits.
Here they are in all their blingness.

Just a case of screwing, bolting, sticking and taping them on the 'sickle' and job done.

Less 'Rock 'n' Roll' and a bit more 'Move it and a Groove it' this weekend....Must dash....Albert

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Cracklevision newsreel

Greetings Oilyracer fanatics ! Albert here.
Whilst the Belgium chapter of our secret handshake society are happy to drink Germany dry, (someone has to) your action packed uncle has been busy with petrol, electric and oil.......bringing all 3 components together inside the ex Elvis machine has been a task.....but it's done.

This week I've been mostly singing
"I'm just a roustabout,
travelling from town to town......"

Stay tuned for more action you li'l rock 'n' rollers...........

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Last weekend I've been mostly ......

Comparing UK to German beers on the banks of the Elbe somewhere in Hamburg.
Thanks Trixy !!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012