Thursday, 30 April 2009

Belgian Chromeo

"Belgian LinkySoup production unit" calling for a quick update.
Our headquarters the Arcade is 99% finished and all energy is now aimed on the prep for the bike.
Started to sandblast the power source so "Master Marc" can trash it up afterwords......why ???
Because sandblasting Rocks !
Still a lot to do though.....

I went to the iron shop/scrapyard today and ran into a strange package laying next to a big dumpster.
Presuming it was laid aside by a mob-related employee of the scrapping-business itself I tried to ignore it ...but couldn't
Asked if I could have it and to my biggest surprise I COULD!!!!
Decided to keep it closed until I was home...
WOW my first Bling wasn't free though ....I had to pay an exuberant 4,25 € for it :-))

Don't know if we'll use it ...if so it will definitely be cut up ....or sandblasted ....

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Catching up 1

Ok Guys...I'm back. A couple of homebrew beers have worked wonders. Amazing what hops and malt can do for the mind !
It's boll##ks to think that these coincidences are linked to anything we 'Blighty Boys' are doing........or likely to do...... No way! , There's never been anything built quite like a Picklington Precision before.

So, here's a bit more news on what's been 'appening down 'The Old Sidevalve Bar'
A recent trip over to Govi Engineering was very timely. I just happened to arrive as one of their old machines was being loaded on a transporter for export to Poland. Along with it was a box of assorted spares, believe me I didn't feel bad about rummaging through the box before that too was loaded. Phew ! Just in the nick of amongst the parts was a huge length of 5/8" x 1/4" chain. Brand new too. As the parts were not on any sale inventory it's a case of hard luck Poland, this now belongs to Albert ! Perfect fit for the primary drive.

Our 'ebay' rear wheel came without sprocket so the new abundance of chain pretty much decided the sprocket size. You guessed it... 5/8" x 1/4" A good mate of mine down at the local bearing supplier sourced a sprocket blank for the princely sum of £6......
'Kev the lathe' turned the centre and drilled the holes to match the Kawasaki hub in exchange for a couple of bottles of beer, and I crossed another job off the 'to do list'.
Keeping ears peeled and eyes open has also turned up some gorgous brass compression fittings.
Just the job for the fuel tank bottom linking pipe. I machined a couple of bosses out of steel bar, threaded them with the appropriate B.S.P. tapered thread and posted to Lea Thermallet at the Pounderosa Ranch along with a brass tap purchased on ebay. Lea will braze these bosses to the underside of the tank before pressure testing of this 'Brough lookalike' masterpiece commences and passed as fuel tight.
That's all for today folks !
Expect more updates soon....

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Good Omen ? Bad Omen ?

Greetings 'Oilyracer Fans' - Its your Uncle Albert....Back on line after a malfunction in the p.c. department. Read on and catch up.....This may take some time (and a few postings) before all the comings and goings down at 'The Old Sidevalve Bar' are revealed...
Remember when I told you about the 'Briggs and Stratton' manufacture date coincided with happenings both past and present ?'s happened again....more spooky happenings !!!!

It couldn't be just chance ? could it ? - that my favourite film is re-run less than 4 weeks before the build off ? A story of life and against the elements.... remember how I told you how it inspires.... Yes 'Flight of the Phoenix' was on T.V. last Thursday evening. Well I just had to shut the workshop early and watch....

Zen ! Karma ! Omen ! Parallel Universe slipping through a Worm Hole ?

Call it what you want I took the vibes and felt good ! I'm now ready for the build-off...

.... until tonight...! while I searched Google for pics of the plane I read some bad Karma....

I didn't know that the original Phoenix crashed whilst filming......(don't ask about the pilot !)
read the link for the full story

Anyone out there good at repairing Worm Holes ! I can't be doing with this Karma - Omen stuff,

I'm off for a beer (or 2)....... now that should get me in shape for the build !!!!!!!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Brass Boss by Bad Barty

Albert here, once again reporting in with the latest news from 'The Old Sidevalve Bar'
It's been quite a week, both hectic and creative so read on and catch up.....

Firstly (and you could say most importantly) the final piece of one of the jigsaws is now in place, and it all fits.....Yes indeed.... The tuned exhaust now fits the 'Briggs and Stratton, and jolly posh it looks too.

A couple of hours was spent up at 'Crackleport Towers' last Sunday with 'Oilyracer' apprentice Bad Barty turning a brass boss to fit both exhaust internal diameter and exhaust port diameter on the Myford. It turned out just perfect.....Well done Bart !
An attempt to braze the boss over at 'Govi Engineering' was aborted when it was discovered that the pipe (ex curtain pole) had a very low melting point, lower in fact than the brazing rod.

Plan 2 ? Silver solder. Fingers crossed the exhaust temp will be lower than the melt point of this fixer.... Only time will tell......

Secondly (and according to Basil K. no less important) was the bottling of a huge brew of potato beer. Now undergoing secondary fermentation in the bottle until next weekend. 40 bottles I had, some have already been taken by regular 'Sidevalve' stalwarts, proving how popular this brew is going to be........

Thats all folks.....the sun is still shining so I'm off for a flagon of ale down in mi shed.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Team Belgium is taking mental courses

We've ran against this guy.....he'll give us a well needed mental boost when things get rough.
Team Linkysoup is glad to share his first session.