Monday, 29 August 2011

The 1928 project

Cleaned up my 7£ carb and got the gears back going....3 forward, 1 backwords and 178 neutrals.
No luck with the starter engine though.... broke it when trying to get it open and when it finally got open looked like it had been laying next to the Titanic for all those years.
This project surely will keep me busy for a while.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Today I've been mostly ....bending stuff

To make LBP good friends with Belgian law keepers I had to do some tube bending.
No machines were used to do this job...
How did I do it ? Sorry ....can't tell you .
An old English guy from some West Westershire-shire-shire learned me the secret craft.
He told me to not tell anyone how it's done...

Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Japster First Trial setup

Last week Crackleport and I did some challenging gearbox work...Le Monet Goyon 1928 (-ish)
With the gears 99% done it's time to put one and the other together and see how things look.
What do you think?

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Thoroughly Tested and Fit for Export

Albert here, greetings to all Oilyracer fanatics...
The job is done and two great nations have come that little bit closer to becoming one. Here's the final chapter in the story of L.B.P.s adventures in Blighty.
One last deed had to be done before the homeward journey. Approval 'Fit to Export' had to be gained. Many have perished in the attempt, one mechanical malfunction could mean disaster for both machine and crew. (Thank goodness L.B.P. has Belgiums highest standard of braking system fitted for these would be called upon many times throughout the test)
Approval test. - Climb and safely descend both the Wrynose and Hardknott Passes, 2 of Blightys highest and steepest roads before travelling to Wast Water, the deepest of all the Lakes in the Lake District.
Test Crew - Koen Geukens & your favourite Uncle (me -Albert Crackleport)
Fuelled on - Bacon Butties and Local Beer
Sponsored by - 'Ecky Thump Flat Caps' and 'Beer Belly accommodating Elasticated Trousers'.

Lets do it !
Travel the A65 to the Devils Bridge at Kirkby Lonsdale before quick stop for bacon bap and coffee from the well known to motorcyclists burger van. Never mind guys, just because you have the latest Ducati race replica doesn't make you the star of the car park.
Wanna look cool ? - Wanna be noticed ? - Then next time Pemble -
Onwards out of Yorkshireshire and deeper into Cumbria. Before a water challenge. Crossing Lake Windermere. Easier if you take the ferry (which we did)
And heres a lovely picture of three of us - Ferry(the good ship Mallard), L.B.P., and Albert
Stop 1 - Hawkshead. Kings Head. Now, not only is this blog a thoroughly good guide to building Pembleton Flying Machines and Vintafaker Motorcycles but also a good beer guide.
(and why not !) Crew member Koen gives the beer at aforementioned establishment a big thumbs down. "Stay clear of anything brewed by a New Zealander with a passion for using his homeland hops." I, being a Yorkshire man didn't want to waste anything bought with hard earned pennies so consumed the full measure. Hic!
We were there - 30th July 2011 and heres the certificate to prove it !
Left at Ambleside and 2nd right on to the Wrynose Pass. Here Master Hillclimber Koen took the controls of L.B.P. Fully trained in the art of steering Pembletons at high altitude. This dear readers is one of Blightys most testing drives. I was in safe hands on the 30% gradients. !?!*

Team work - That's what it took ! Koen worked the steering wheel and throttle (whilst I pulled frantically on the handbrake........several times...........eeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkk)
Just to add icing to the cake we forged forwards.......upwards.........downwards........and sideways to Wast Water.

So, there you have it. We drove, drank, climbed, descended, sailed around, over and through the Lake District.
L.B.P. earned her spurs. But most of all she earned the right to be exported, proud to have been British for 3 months but now new adventures in Euroland are beckoning.
Take care L.B.P. We're all gonna miss you !
(From the grumpy guy in the flat cap - your Old Uncle Albert)